Like a Butterfly Chapter 20

Thank you for waiting, here is chapter 20 of Like a Butterfly. We are recruiting for active typesetters and Korean Translators for this project. Our current Korean translator, Mystic AKA ShiningRegalia is busy with school and she has her own group to manage too. We need a spare partner in crime to help her out~



Language of God 39

Hey! Pashnea19 here and it’s my first time posting so I dunno what to say. Well, our admin gave me permission to post so here I am… It has been exactly 60 days since the last update of this manhwa been released and I’m so sorry for that. The real world is very cruel to me but that’s ok. Thanks for waiting, if there’s any… and if you willing to help us (PLEASE DO), contact us!



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Thanks for the wait, here is Golden Waltz Chapter 4! We are looking for proofreader and typesetter for this specific project.

Reader | Download


Cherry Tomato 11&12

Hello all! Thank you for waiting. Here is the release of chapters 11 and 12 of Cherry Tomato. We are currently hiring typesetters for this project. Come give us a hand, if you could ^^!

Download – 11 & 12
Reader – 11 & 12

Give us a holla, if you want to help out!

Golden Waltz 03

Thank you for your wait. Here is chapter 3 of Golden Waltz and thank you to a fellow reader for joining us to help release faster. Much appreciated! We are still looking for help, especially a typesetter!


Doll Chapter 16

It’s been a long long long long time since we’ve uploaded and released this chapter. The problem was the fact that there was no help on this project. The original translator, Unknown resigned due to personal things. So ever since then, people slowly vanished from this project. I would love to finish this project because this is a pretty interesting and sad book. It may not be the best, but it’s worth it. We are looking for Korean Translator, Cleaner, and Typesetter. Cleaners are not required to redraw SFX.


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