Uga Uga / Googookaka

Hello readers and other random strangers that visit this site~ I’d like to announce that we have picked up this project from┬áMeraki Scans. Although the translation is from Korean raws, we’ll be using Chinese raws for the later chapters. It might start to sound different due to the naming, but I’ll let you know when […]

Announcements Uga Uga

Mayabi Releases + New Information

It’s time to introduce another bulk releases from Mayabi. Previously, I never posted a link for Chapter 12 because I thought that I could do the rest of them the following day. But I couldn’t do multiple task at once. So now that school is over, I can finally do this. As the title stated, […]

Announcements Mayabi

Happy Anniversary BAP Scans [Part 4]

Hello all. Please enjoy our few releases. This is the heaviest upload/release I’d ever done for this group for just one day. Honestly, some are way more behind due to lack of translators but other than that, its better than nothing, right? We are looking for joints on these two projects: ‘Like a Butterfly’ and […]

Life of a Lily Penalty Sensei wa ore no Mono

Happy Anniversary BAP Scans [Part 3]

Hello readers! The previous post was from one of my release/uploader. So her job is separate from the overall job post. She’s also in multiple groups while managing her own job as one of the MLP employee; so she is busy. She does whatever she can to help out. Anyways, I hope you enjoy another […]

Life of a Lily Like a Butterfly

Golden Waltz Chapter 09

At last! Sorry for the long wait!!! The funny thing is that, I’m posting this while listening to some of the worst serial killers from youtube like it’s a really normal thing. Reader Download


Happy Anniversary BAP Scans [Part 2]

Hello everyone! Here is part 2 of the release. This is probably just a special for this monthly only due to it being a b/w manga instead of the usual short web-comic. So this one is just one of those “HEY COME HELP US OUT!” This is a yaoi project or shounen-ai… PRetty sure it’s […]

Hollow Lovers

Happy Anniversary BAP Scans~ [Part 1]

I wish everyone a lovely month, honestly. This month is BAP’s 5th birthday, unfortunately, we won’t be doing how others do those “happy anniversary” notes. I’ll just do this on the behalf of the team. I know they wanted to say something, unfortunately, our timing is not balanced. ­čÖü We truly wish for your help, […]

Life of a Lily

Let’s Fight Ghost – Chapter 63b

Hello readers, thank you for waiting for another chapter of┬áLet’s Fight Ghost. Don’t be too excited though, because this is just an author notes, but the author is savaged, man! I would recommend you to read it since it’s pretty funny when he repeats over and over of “Are you angry?” about why he’s still […]

Let's Fight Ghost!

Life of a Lily – 07

Thank you for waiting, here is another disgusting chapter. You’ll understand what I mean when you read the chapter. I was disappointed in seeing what kind of person that person turned out to be. Do you support LGBQ? Are you one of them? Do you dislike being part of it or knowing someone is one? […]

Life of a Lily

My Director – Chapter 02

Hello readers, thank you for waiting. I am looking for a helping hand for this project especially. I was planning to do it weekly but it didn’t go as planned. My team is busy with school and work so they don’t have time to help me out at all. And the other problem is the […]

My Director