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Hi my young and wise ones~ We had a vote on discord about whether or not we should keep the download and password and 4 hour thing. Majority of the vote was to remove it because there was no point in it. I mean, only 3 of the project is popular and the rest is just dead or no views at all. So not unless the projects or if the group is big, I have decided to remove password-protected releases and early releases. And since I don’t have a reader page and around June or July the website will go back to being I won’t be able to pay for the website since I don’t have a job anymore and donations aren’t coming in, I mean a few of you did donated for raws but that stopped so yeah thank you to those that did. So from this day forward, the mangadex will not have a delay but I will still post announcement in the discord. You can’t really post information on the upload so it’ll be some information on discord and a whole ass essay on our wordpress dragon_brothers_laughing  So you guys don’t have to wait anymore on those dead-barely-any-views projects 

On regards of our activty, there are times where I’m like super sonic and then there other times where I’m like a freaking snail. The reason is because like everyone else, I have a life and this life has very strict moms, to those people who have strict moms, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I’m also in multiple groups to keep me distracted from whatever is going on with my life. I usually prefer finishing all of those other assignment first before I do this group’s work. Even though, this is my priority, but since I volunteer to help others, I should give them equal love and my work thing. I’ve been receiving a lot of hatred from readers or from random people that don’t even read our releases but still like to talk trash. There are times where they ask things like “why are you guys so slow?” , “You guys have horrible translations/editing/etc.”, “You should go kill yourself for scanlating these horrible manga/manhua/manwha.” and it was hurtful at first but then like… I don’t understand why they would say those things when I see a bunch of things on their page saying they love this and that, and it was much much worse than what we do here. I just ignored them most of the time because it’s not worth my time.

We picked up a couple of new projects due to our translators do not want to work on projects that another translator was working on or is working on. They wanted their own project, so therefore, we had to pick up new projects. As for whether or not it’ll be sniped due to my activity is something I cannot handle. It’ll be based on how well things goes~ So please be patient when things aren’t going as fast.

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Tsukumogami Pompom – 10

Hello, readers from both Judy Scans and our beloved naughty users here as well. Yes… I call you guys naughty… Anyways, this is the final chapter for this series. There is no definite promise from the author that she’ll continue the story. There was a post that she’ll continue it but this was over six months ago. However, she decided not to continue it, probably due to personal reasons. So this series is going to be on an indefinite hiatus.

Please continue your support to Judy Scans and Judy, herself. We do not know where the owner is still. Send her your love and support; hoping she’s okay at You can also send her a message on her MangaDex profile, hopefully, she’ll respond one day~


Little Chaos – 11 & 12

Sorry for the long wait. It was hard to find someone to do the redrawing and typesetting, but since I couldn’t find it… I gotta do the work myself. I’ll do my best until someone better comes along to help us finish it. We’re barely halfway done for volume 1… The annoying part about it is that despite the raws were bought from bookwalker… It’s still so low quality due to my computer specs after saving it by using screenshot mode.

Reader 11:
Reader 12:

Cavalier of the Abyss – 148

Hello readers, sorry for the delay. I had problems with my PC so I had to do a system wipe. It took a while to get my files back but hopefully, nothing happens afterward. We only have two more chapters left of this series. It was a long journey considering how no one was able to help us continue it at first… then later on… more people started to join to help us finish this up. ^^ I hope to see you guys in the next two episodes that’ll be out a little late as well due to our cleaner is currently busy with her vacation time ^^;


Get Off Of Me – 01

Sorry for the lateness, due to lack of editors & raw compilers, the project is extremely slow. Currently a joint is being processed with the group Entropia Scan, hopefully it goes through and they can help us with the faster release of this project. We are not dropping any of our projects unless stated otherwise! If you wish to work on any of our series, please contact us through email, comments, or discord!


Hiru to Yoru no Oishii Jikan – 7

Hello readers. Judy Scans has been merged with BAP Scans since I don’t think I’ll be able to handle both separate groups when I am co-admin there; however. Please continue your support with Judy Scans; as she’s the one that provided most of the work for the group. All projects are moved over to our group until the owner feels the need to cancel merge!

Reader –

Cavalier of the Abyss – 147

Hello readers. Thank you for waiting, here is another chapter of COTA. We’re very close to ending of Part 2 of this series. Part 3 will be coming out soon, there’s no schedule yet since Author hasn’t inform any of us readers. It’s all up to Juder on when she’ll have time to do the art again. Three more chapters to go, guys.


Rule Maker (3) & Let’s Fight Ghost (74)

Thank you for waiting. This was supposed to be a bulk release, but unfortunately there were a tons of errors on the other files that it’ll take awhile for me to even finish qcing them. As mentioned on our discord, Let’s Fight Ghost will be officially dropped after Chapter 80 because Naver asked us to stop.

As for Rule Makers, same concept with Naver asking complete stop. However, we are continuing this on October 1st to be private release only. So for now… enjoy the public releases for both series~



Release Announcement Changes

Due to the massive hunt from all Korean Webtoons, such as Naver, Daum, Kakao, and many official companies from Korea; they’re hunting down all unofficial groups that’s using their comics without permission. So all of our releaes for Korean Webtoons will be private; this means we will not be uploading on MangaDex but it’ll be uploaded on our webpage starting on October 1st. It’ll be password protected where you’ll have to check our discord for the password. Sadly, I cannot do anything about those aggregators not unless I file a complaint about it BUTTT then it’ll be up to them to remove it or not.

I hope you all understand these changes, and I apologize if you cannot read them on MangaDex, but I don’t wanna be hunted down again…

Bulk Release – Part 1

Hello everyone. Here is a bulk release that I missed out on about two weeks, due to everyone schedule is now extremely slower than when we had vacation breaks. Everyone has school and work or just either or of those options. So those times are taken out of us which causes us to lose focus for what is more important. Life is way more important, but if you want hobby to do this type of thing, you gotta balance your schedule ^^

Anyways, this bulk release consists of After Demon Chapter 12Cavalier of the Abyss Chapter 146Darkroom Chapter 6, and Mina-sama no Omocha desu Chapter 19. There was originally nine project releases, but there was extra work given to me, especailly the redraws & my power keeps going out so I couldn’t continue it even if I want to.

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