♥Our Groups’ Release Changes♥

Hello everyone~ I would like to announce some changes with our releases. Everything will still be under the #release channel and you are required to have either of these roles to gain access to it: Reader, Scanlator, or Staff. You can easily gain the Reader role under the #role-commands and typing ~iam Reader. For Scanlator role is a bit different, you have to message me or ping me which group you’re from and what is your position so I can confirm.

Moving on, so all the information of having password is the same and waiting on Mangadex for four hours will be the same as well. The only difference now is that you will be pinged of the series you’ll be receiving. So here is the list of the roles we have:
From this list, all you have to do is follow-up the reaction under the Reaction Role bot. So afterwards, you’ll be given the role, you can check your name to see if you received the role. So thereafter, in the #release channel, we will from then on be pinging the role of the chapter being released. For example (pretend):

@Cherry Tomato Hiii, here’s a new chapter~ The password is [insert password]. I hope you enjoy the chapter [insert link of download] and wait 4 hours on mangadex [insert mangadex link]

So whomever has the Cherry Tomato role will be pinged as a notification. If you do not want the role, just simply unreact to the emoji and it should remove you off~


LAST BUT NOT LEAST, join our discord –

Featured post

Mina-Sama no Omocha Desu – 09

Hello readers~ Here is another chapter of Mina-Sama no Omocha Desu. Thank you to our joint translator from Renascence Scans on helping us on the translation. We finally found a Japanese Translator, so thank you to that person for joining us.

The Mangadex Reader will be available in the next four hours. Download is available now, but you must join our discord in order to retrieve the password to the file.


Mayabi – 21

Hoi readers. Thank you for waiting for waiting. We are currently looking for another Korean Translator to help us finish chapters 23 to 30. Evidently, each one keeps on leaving due to personal reasons. Is there something wrong with this project? D:

The Mangadex reader will be available in the next four hours. You can download the chapter now, but you must be in our discord to retrieve the password to extract the files.

Like a Butterfly – 30

Hello readers~ Sorry for the delay, was very busy with other stuff. We are not accepting anymore help on this project, all position is filled! Due to everyone’s schedule, this will be delay to either once per week or bi-weekly release. Also, please make sure to visit Webtoonlation’s discord if you have the chance to. They helped us on the translation~

The Mangadex reader will be availabe in the next four hours. You can grab the download now. For passwords, you must be in our discord as a reader. Please read the #guidelines for more information on how to get the reader/scanlator role.

P.S. To anyone trying to use our projects as a retranslation request. We are happy to let you do it, but please ask permission first. You’ll never know, maybe another group already taken it. We are not providing any raws, cleans/redraws, and/or translations. Please buy your own raws or cleans.

Demi Life – 02

Hello readers! Sorry for the long delay on this release. We need more supporting fans to help us on this project. We’re looking for all roles excluding proofreader♥ Thank you to SquigglesJP for helping us out again ^O^

Thank you to:
SquigglesJP for translation
Roxy for proofread
Myosotis for Clean & redraw
Meizuu for typeset

The Mangadex reader will be available in another 4 hours, so please wait for the time being. You can download it beforehand if you’d like, but you gotta be part of the discord group to get the password ^O^

Little Chaos – 04

Hi~ Thank you for waiting. I know there’s another group much better than our raws and scans, but the other group doesn’t mind is doing this. Anyways, enjoy this chapter if you like~

Please wait four hours for Mangadex reader to be available. But you may download the chapter now as long as you join our discord for the password to the file.

Little Chaos – 03

Hi~ I finally figured out the problem of the pages but I still do not want to drop it until the Japanese translator decides to drop it. We’ll stop at volume 1 but continue with B-Minus on Volume 2. They’ll do the translation afterwards.

Please wait four hours for Mangadex reader to be available. But you may download the chapter now as long as you join our discord for the password to the file.

Let’s Fight Ghost – Chapter 70

Hello readers! Thank you for waiting, here is another chapter of Let’s Fight Ghost. This chapter is a little shorter with dialogue mostly just imageries but it’s getting somewhat confusing for the most part. Other than that, please enjoy the chapter. We are still looking for a Korean Translator and Redrawers for this project~

The Mangadex reader will be available in the next 24 hours due to Renascence Scans delay release. They’re set at 24 hours while ours is at 4 hours. Download is available now but remember to join our discord to retrieve the password to the file~


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