Uga Uga – Episode 8 Part 1

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Hello. Sorry for the delay on the release. I finally found a reliable editor (Lamp) for helping us do the rest of the work. S/he loves this series so I am so happy to have her/him on board :D. Considering this has a lot of pages, I believe it’ll be best to keep it as a monthly release, less stressful. But other than that, I’ll see what we can do.

Enjoy a release of Chapter 8 Part 1 / 8A

Reader will be available in the next 4 hours. You can download it now on this link:

Make sure to visit our discord for the password of the file. If you catch any typos, please let us know ASAP. We’ll fix it as soon as it’s received. Also thank you to Meraki Scans for their translations~ You can visit them in their public discord:


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    1. Oh my apologies, all password are on our discord. You’re in the discord if I recall correctly.
      Just do this:
      Go to #role-commands
      Then type ~iam Reader
      You’ll receive the reader tag and see the #release channel afterwards.

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