Uga Uga – Episode 7 Part 3

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Heyy. Sorry for the delay of this series that we picked up from Meraki Scans. I was waiting for a proofread, and ever after receiving the proofread… There were still mistakes and I’m the only active editor… So not only did I have to clean and typeset, but I also had to fix the proofreader’s mistakes. So that’s why my name is also listed as the QCer, despite that I usually don’t… Put my name on it unless necessary. There’s a missing translation on one of the pages, I’m waiting for my translator to respond to help fix that whenever she’s available~

Enjoy a release of Chapter 7 Part 3 / 7C

Reader will be available in 4 hours, and here is the download:

Make sure to visit our discord for the password of the file. If you catch any typos, please let me know. I did this in just one day… 59 pages…. Also thank you to Meraki Scans for their translations~ You can visit them in their public discord:


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