Demi Life – 01

Hello readers! Please welcome our newest manga project that we’re working on. All translations is done by another group called SquigglesJP. You can find that person on Mangadex if necessary. This was a hella long chapter, it took me about 4 hours to finish all the typesetting… There were some translations that made no sense, so […]


Mayabi – 17

Hoi readers. This episode may seem bad but I think it getting really good very soon. Please let me know if you find any mistakes. I think there were tons of missing translations so I just did the best I can. The Mangadex reader will be available in the next four hours. You can download […]

Uga Uga / Googookaka

Hello readers and other random strangers that visit this site~ I’d like to announce that we have picked up this project from Meraki Scans. Although the translation is from Korean raws, we’ll be using Chinese raws for the later chapters. It might start to sound different due to the naming, but I’ll let you know when […]