This is also known as Zhongcai Shuo Wo Fei Zhu Duiyou. We finally got the title for this series. It tooks an entire year for us to finally finish chapter 2, this series is really really long, for a short strip comic it was 60 pages but if I merged them into long strips it’s only 15 pages. But dear lord it was a large project. Originally the person that did the cleaning and typesetting was permanent banned from the group due to behavior that affected the group & tried to steal our staff members away. I had to redo everything since it only read the file as PSB and you know… PSB cannot be read as image file. I’m looking for another cleaner, typesetter, and raw compiler for this project~

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New Series [Get Off Of Me] – 00

Hello! New series of BL since one of them was dropped, so I had to find a replacement. So this is another replacement for dropping Barbershop Quartet. We are still looking for any other help for this series. We are not looking for translators nor proofreaders for this particular series. Those roles are filled, however, other position is available. So please introduce and love our new series Get Off Of Me~!!

Small Announcement + New Project

Hello everyone or any readers that reads this. Some of you were aware of the drop of Wangpai Xiao Cao due to license of WebComics (a apple/google application). They don’t actually have a website, just a manga reader on app store. We picked up a new project because of the drop. This is a new comic that just came out recently about less than a week. There will be projects being dropped if we cannot get any other Korean translators to join us. We will be dropping quite a lot of Korean projects for other languages if this continues. Evidently, we may lose our team if things get worse which I rather not experience it…. I hope not.

Introducing a new project Zhongcai Shuo Wo Fei Zhu Duiyou basically translates to The President said that I’m a fat pig teammate. But I like the pinyin more… less crude xD. The art is good and I like the storyline except I’m a bit confuse on the translation because it’s probably due to mixture of traditional and simplified characters. I hope you enjoy these two chapters. There is no mistake on the naming, they were both prologues according to the Raws title. It was stated from the chapter numbering that both were chapter 0.

The Mangadex reader will be available in the next four hours. The download is available now for both Chapters 0a and Chapter 0b. Remember to join our discord to retrieve the password to the files.

Happy Anniversary BAP Scans [Part 2]

Hello everyone! Here is part 2 of the release. This is probably just a special for this monthly only due to it being a b/w manga instead of the usual short web-comic. So this one is just one of those “HEY COME HELP US OUT!” This is a yaoi project or shounen-ai… PRetty sure it’s shounen-ai. It’s too early to tell. I am going to say this first…

If any hentai/R-18 web-group is doing this project already, I apologize… I cannot find any data-base on your project since there isn’t any on MangaUpdates~

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