Let’s Fight Ghost – 73

Hello readers. Sorry for the delay, it took me forever to fix the cleans from alex… I am not planning to release this weekly like the others, since this one still doesn’t have a team to even work on. The drama is great, but the comic isn’t as popular as the drama itself. So this will take some time for a team to take over~ I hope you enjoy this chapter. I feel sad and understandable for that cat…

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Little Chaos – 08 to 10

Okay this time I thought this through…of releasing it together…ha…ha….haaa…. This is the rest of the chapters that I have stocked up in the drive for months now, and it took forever to find a typesetter at that time. We had translations and cleans done since September 2, 2018… Yeah… that long ago and the translator that did the work left due to personal reasons. But hopefully someone else comes along to help us out~

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Little Chaos – 06

Hello readers. Sorry for the crappy quality, but after volume 1 is over, the quality should be a lot better. I bought the raws for volume 1 & 2 but volume 1 was already cleaned from the low quality raws, so lets’ not disappoint that cleaner’s effort~ We are in desperate need of a Japanese Translator for this series to continue off, due to B-Minus Scan’s translator is still unresponsive.

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Kitsune to Pancake – 08

Hello readers~ thank you for waiting another lovely loli♥ We’re kind of slow due to our assigned cleaner decided to resign due to school. So good luck to her for that~ I hope you’ll be okay with our slowness since school is starting or has started for some people. I don’t have much to say except, I indire you cleaner.

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Little Chaos – 05

Sorry for the delay, and we’re in desperate need of typesetters for this series. As for whether or not we are still planning to do the joint with B-Minus Scans is a definite no. The owner of that group went MIA so therefore the joint is not possible. We have translations up till chapter 10 and cleans are all done by volume 1. We bought the raws for volume 2 though. So far, no translators have volunteer to help translate this series!


Let’s Fight Ghost – Chapter 72

Hello readers! Thank you for waiting, here is another chapter of Let’s Fight Ghost. It tooks us awhile since we still lacking KTL so we’re just releasing it slowly. Also, I had to redo the cleans because alexthetrex did so horrible on the cleans that I had to redo it myself. We are still looking for a Korean Translator and Redrawers for this project~

The Mangadex reader will be available in the next 4 hours. Download is available now but remember to join our discord to retrieve the password to the file~ Please also join Renascence Scans’ discord since they’ve helped us on the editing part (clean/typeset).


Kitsune to Pancake – Chapter 04

Hello my fluffy lovers~ Hah… Why government…? Why must you take away such sweet heart lolis… Anyways, thank you to Perfect Irony for joining the team to make faster release♥

The Mangadex Reader will be available in the next four hours. Download is available now, but you must join our discord in order to retrieve the password to the file.


Kitsune to Pancake – Chapter 03

Hello my fluffy lovers~ Sorry for the long wait… I got so busy with other stuff and… yes I got lazy cleaning one of the bubble so I just covered it entirely (╥﹏╥) but I wish someone else join us to redraw the mistakes ♥

The Mangadex Reader will be available in the next four hours. Download is available now, but you must join our discord in order to retrieve the password to the file.


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