Tona-Gura! – 57

Hello everyone. We only did the typesetting for this part. Although I represent for all groups that did this chapter. In BAP, I’m named NibbPower. In Apprecation Scans, I’m named Harutora. And for Forgotten Scans, I’m Shally. HAHA. Anyways, originally this chapter was done between Appreciation Scans & Forgotten Scans, so they’re the bigger credit for this chapter. The joint for this chapter with Forgotten Scans is the only chapter, originally chapter 58 was involved but the cleaner at FoS resigned a long time ago.

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Little Chaos – 08 to 10

Okay this time I thought this through…of releasing it together…ha…ha….haaa…. This is the rest of the chapters that I have stocked up in the drive for months now, and it took forever to find a typesetter at that time. We had translations and cleans done since September 2, 2018… Yeah… that long ago and the translator that did the work left due to personal reasons. But hopefully someone else comes along to help us out~

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Little Chaos – 06

Hello readers. Sorry for the crappy quality, but after volume 1 is over, the quality should be a lot better. I bought the raws for volume 1 & 2 but volume 1 was already cleaned from the low quality raws, so lets’ not disappoint that cleaner’s effort~ We are in desperate need of a Japanese Translator for this series to continue off, due to B-Minus Scan’s translator is still unresponsive.

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Kitsune to Pancake – 08

Hello readers~ thank you for waiting another lovely loli♥ We’re kind of slow due to our assigned cleaner decided to resign due to school. So good luck to her for that~ I hope you’ll be okay with our slowness since school is starting or has started for some people. I don’t have much to say except, I indire you cleaner.

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Mina-sama no Omocha desu – 18

Hello everyone. Thank you for waiting for another torture manga that grosses you out. So this chapter is a bit um… how to put it… like I knew this was going to happen. You can’t trust no body in this situation. Unfortunately, the upload speed for this will go back to being how it was before, 1 chapter per 2 weeks or biweekly. Our typesetter is very busy, and we don’t have a cleaner anymore. Catiesai resigned and Daemon is constantly going MIA, so I mean, I understand if you have a life, at least inform us, ya kno? So that I can at least have time to give it to another cleaner ~o~.


Tona-Gura! – 55

Hello everyone. Yes, there’s a missing page but will be uploaded another time. I’ve been receiving nonstop threats and people complaining about how slow we are on the updates to the series. Technically, it’s supposed to be credit under my other group ‘Appreciation Scans’ but like for this particular chapter, none of the members besides myself is part of that group that did this project. So therefore, we didn’t really credit that group. The next few chapters will be listed under both BAP, Appreciation & Forgotten Scans, since some of them was done a long time ago with them, but yeah, I’ll explain more later when that do happen…

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Mina-sama no Omocha desu – 17

Due to Ron-chan being away from the project, I have to do the typesetting temporarily until she’s ready to come back. There is a drama going on within the groups between Jaiminis Box and her group about a specific project that I am not going into detail with. So there’s a huge fight going on because of the delay so she’s going to be gone for awhile until they catch up with the raws. Other than that, not including the typesetter role, we’re looking for a proofreader that can take place while ShinAsa is away for indefinite time. I have no idea where he is, and never informed me where he is.


Little Chaos – 05

Sorry for the delay, and we’re in desperate need of typesetters for this series. As for whether or not we are still planning to do the joint with B-Minus Scans is a definite no. The owner of that group went MIA so therefore the joint is not possible. We have translations up till chapter 10 and cleans are all done by volume 1. We bought the raws for volume 2 though. So far, no translators have volunteer to help translate this series!


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