Bulk Release – Part 1

Hello everyone. Here is a bulk release that I missed out on about two weeks, due to everyone schedule is now extremely slower than when we had vacation breaks. Everyone has school and work or just either or of those options. So those times are taken out of us which causes us to lose focus for what is more important. Life is way more important, but if you want hobby to do this type of thing, you gotta balance your schedule ^^

Anyways, this bulk release consists of After Demon Chapter 12Cavalier of the Abyss Chapter 146Darkroom Chapter 6, and Mina-sama no Omocha desu Chapter 19. There was originally nine project releases, but there was extra work given to me, especailly the redraws & my power keeps going out so I couldn’t continue it even if I want to.


Little Chaos – 08 to 10

Okay this time I thought this through…of releasing it together…ha…ha….haaa…. This is the rest of the chapters that I have stocked up in the drive for months now, and it took forever to find a typesetter at that time. We had translations and cleans done since September 2, 2018… Yeah… that long ago and the translator that did the work left due to personal reasons. But hopefully someone else comes along to help us out~

Readers – , &

Mayabi Releases + New Information

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It’s time to introduce another bulk releases from Mayabi. Previously, I never posted a link for Chapter 12 because I thought that I could do the rest of them the following day. But I couldn’t do multiple task at once. So now that school is over, I can finally do this.

As the title stated, there’s going to new information. Since BAP Scans is dying very slowly, a lot of the members are leaving or just leaving us hanging for no odd reasons. So this means a lot of our projects will be mostly soloed. So even though it shows that we have tons of staff, it only only show about less than 10 of us will be credited to a lot of the work. We will need a Korean Translator for only this particular project. They’re assigned to finish this project, and if they choose to stay, that’s on them. We have 12 chapters left of this comic, they’re extremely short. It’s usually about 7 pages but not that many script on the pages, you are not required to translate the SFX. I don’t think its necessary to considering we don’t have an available redrawer.

Another new information is that from now on, all downloads will only be posted on our discord. It will give you a password for each announcement I make of a release for the zip files. Some projects will require you to have a specific role, so basically, if it’s a licensed project, such as Let’s Fight Ghost, it will only be posted in our discussion channel and that will require you to have our Reader tag. It’s very easy to gain that, you just simply type it in our role-command channel. We will still post the releases on the announcement, but it’ll like redirect you to our discord to gain the download link and password. We’ll be using the website for release information and pretty much blogging about BAP Scans.

This will be the last post regarding easy to access download links for our chapter releases. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message us under the Contact section. You are also free to message me on our discord group. Once you join the discord, you can either direct message me or openly tag me to your message.
R = Reader . D = Download
Chapter 12 [R] [D]
Chapter 13 [R] [D]
Chapter 14 [R] [D]

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