Rule Maker (3) & Let’s Fight Ghost (74)

Thank you for waiting. This was supposed to be a bulk release, but unfortunately there were a tons of errors on the other files that it’ll take awhile for me to even finish qcing them. As mentioned on our discord, Let’s Fight Ghost will be officially dropped after Chapter 80 because Naver asked us to stop.

As for Rule Makers, same concept with Naver asking complete stop. However, we are continuing this on October 1st to be private release only. So for now… enjoy the public releases for both series~




Let’s Fight Ghost – 73

Hello readers. Sorry for the delay, it took me forever to fix the cleans from alex… I am not planning to release this weekly like the others, since this one still doesn’t have a team to even work on. The drama is great, but the comic isn’t as popular as the drama itself. So this will take some time for a team to take over~ I hope you enjoy this chapter. I feel sad and understandable for that cat…

Reader –

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