Rule Makers – 2

Hello readers. Sorry for the delay, originally this was going to be a fast series but because life is life. I can’t force my team to give me something that they worked for free on. So it’ll be slow, but luckily our cleaner is really fast, so it doesn’t take that long for me to finish this typesetting/quality checking part. I hope you enjoy another of this chapter. It left me feeling anxious about what will happen next~ So stay tune~

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Rule Makers – 1

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Hello, readers! Chapter 1 of Rule Makers is now out! This is the story of Roman and his aides who have a service center by the name of ‘Rule Makers’ where they work odd jobs for their clients. But, there’s more to Roman than meets the eye… what lies in his past? why are goons searching for Roman? Stay tuned for the next chapter! Also, thanks to Nibbpower for letting me QC this series. I will try my level best to bring you an error-free and the best quality of translations!

Trax out.


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