Small Announcement + New Project

Hello everyone or any readers that reads this. Some of you were aware of the drop of Wangpai Xiao Cao due to license of WebComics (a apple/google application). They don’t actually have a website, just a manga reader on app store. We picked up a new project because of the drop. This is a new comic that just came out recently about less than a week. There will be projects being dropped if we cannot get any other Korean translators to join us. We will be dropping quite a lot of Korean projects for other languages if this continues. Evidently, we may lose our team if things get worse which I rather not experience it…. I hope not.

Introducing a new project Zhongcai Shuo Wo Fei Zhu Duiyou basically translates to The President said that I’m a fat pig teammate. But I like the pinyin more… less crude xD. The art is good and I like the storyline except I’m a bit confuse on the translation because it’s probably due to mixture of traditional and simplified characters. I hope you enjoy these two chapters. There is no mistake on the naming, they were both prologues according to the Raws title. It was stated from the chapter numbering that both were chapter 0.

The Mangadex reader will be available in the next four hours. The download is available now for both Chapters 0a and Chapter 0b. Remember to join our discord to retrieve the password to the files.


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