There used to be a list of who took what project but I have no idea where it went. So I’ll just start fresh from here and just move along from which ones. There might be duplicate retranslation since I wasn’t keeping track of it.

The only rule we have is that you must not remove the credit pages or any of the recruit pages that was added onto the comic. We do not have all the files for a lot of the projects. I took over Summer 2016 but most of the files were done beforehand. I may or may not have the files. If you do use our cleans .psd, you must credit us or we will black list you and let other groups know as well.

Black HazeĀ 
Vietnamese – Ngoc Chu

Hotel S.L.
French – Manga Friends

Strange and Beautiful
Spanish – Raggs no Yurei Fansub

The Wrong Room
Vietnamese – [site shut down]

Will gather list when available.

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