Regarding ‘Barbershop Quartet’ + Announcement

As most of you were probably already known, another group released it because it originally belonged to them. However, we did not know as they post theirs private and MangaUpdates and elsewhere didn’t have their releases at all. So, therefore it wasn’t claimed. But they did let us continue, except I rather not fight with readers with quality vs quantity so let’s just be the big bois and drop the series. Uhh, also this is a reminder to any readers or group owners… if you notice that we have a project that belongs to you and you guys haven’t release anything or if it’s private… please let us know. We don’t want no drama, as you seen from those quality vs quantity especially since quantity groups don’t give a shit. So please let us know, before you slander us with names. We’re not fucking magicians knowing every single thing about every single group’s projects. I mean, maybe if you’re mangaupdates staff team. They know everything, since they join literally every group or knowing what all of you guys have. We’re not them, we’re just a fun scan group doing our own things. So pretty pretty please, at least talk to me or any of our quality checkers. Do not put shame on us. We did check groups if the project belongs to them only if a reader asked us to work on it after maybe at least 6 months or more since the last update. That is the only time we ask the previous or current group working on it, whether they’re still working on it or not. If they’re still working on it but it was because of lack of staff. We would not even work on it, as we did ask them first so that’s how it should’ve been done. Unless they announce it’s been dropped, and no other groups took them, then we’ll take it.

Another thing regarding the group, we’re not dead. So stop asking us if we’re dead. This time of the month or last month is usually exams, tests, graduation, etc. Please stop urging us when people have lives to focus on first. I think some of you guys especially in China, you guys have vacation around Octoboer… But I mean literally majority of the people have exams from late April to early June, so please at least understand those people who sacrifice their time with us when they’re still in school.

[chat conversation between BAP Scans Owner & Rose Squad Scans Owner] – Part 1 & Part 2


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