Like a Butterfly Chapter 16

Hello ya’ll! Chapter 16 of Like a butterfly has been released! Honestly, to me… this chapter was a bit boring compare to the others but it has so many life learning things that we, younger generations, need to learn to respect the decisions we make in our lives. Here I hope you enjoy this chapter~

Like a Butterfly

Like a Butterfly Chapter 15

The long awaited joint project of¬†Like a Butterfly¬†has been released. This is originally my project under a different groups name. It will still be under that name until I find a full team. That other group was focused on retranslation mostly. But anyways, enjoy the chapter! HERE When you download, please do not rip, copyright […]

Like a Butterfly

Golden Waltz Chapter 1

FINALLY. I finished chapter 1 after a month of waiting, I unfortunately am the only editor for at least 4-5 of the projects. I do have another quality checker but she’s prioritize on one project only. SO, THANK YOU READERS FOR WAITING! HERE I got lazy at the last page for cleans :3 shhhhh….

Golden Waltz

New Website

Hello readers and fellow helpers of BAP Scans! Thank you for taking your time to look around despite there’s literally nothing to even look around xD ~ I have thought long and hard about whether I wanted to make a website for BAP Scans, I mean I could’ve just used tumblr… But I have not […]