Life of a Lily – Chapter 02

Thank you for waiting. Here is chapter 2 of Life of a Lily. We are hiring more help, especially for Chinese Translation Checker. I am only a noob translator so I would prefer someone that knows Chinese to check over my translation! If anything else, I’m also looking for a typesetter for this project. Download […]

Life of a Lily

Life of a Lily – Chapter 01

Welcome to our first yuri project! I think it’s actually shoujo-ai… But who cares, lets see how far this will turn out. I am looking for a Chinese translation checker because my Chinese is… like… amazingly horrible xD Download | Reader

Life of a Lily

Golden Waltz 06

Happy Chinese New Year! Even though I’m not chinese, but hey, it’s a non-working holiday here in my country but then again, my profession doesn’t obey holidays so here I am preparing to go to work as I’m posting this release. Reader Download


Doll Chapter 17

Thank you for waiting, this comic no longer has a translator. Unknown left us about 3 months ago for unknown reasons that she couldn’t say. But despite that, I still wanted to credit her hard-work for accomplishing every chapter for us. We picked up this project because she love the comic. We give our translators […]


Magical Boys Chapter 01

It didn’t even take that long to do the next chapter, but here is where it gets difficult. The translator hasn’t been in contact with me so releases will be slow again. I know there’s a missing translation at the beginning, the translator didn’t know she was supposed to translate it, so it just nothing […]

Magical Boys

Magical Boys [New Series] Trailer!

Hello all! I welcome you to our newest project that took me months to finish. This is a… very odd series. I hope you’ll be interested in the upcoming information regarding this comic! This comic is in Chinese, so it’s not your average Korean comic either so, I hope it’s not as bad as the […]

Magical Boys

Cherry Tomato C14

Thank you for waiting. Here is chapter 14 of Cherry Tomato! This chapter is getting super… Erm… Well, all I could say is, have fun with this chapter! ;D Reader | Download

Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomato C13

Hey ladies and gents! We have finally release a chapter for Cherry Tomato. Yes, I’m finally not lazy :p But no seriously, I guess it’s more like I’m stressed out from real life and this group. But I am not letting you down for this! We are recruiting a Korean Translator for this project. I […]

Cherry Tomato

Golden Waltz – Chapter 05

Thank for waiting! Here is chapter 5 of Golden Waltz that you all or at least someone’s been waiting for. Due to the progress, we’re slow due to typesetter. Oddly, I receive translations faster than having it release by editors. =v= I wish I have equal help, it’ll be so much better. Download | Reader

Golden Waltz

Like a Butterfly Chapter 20

Thank you for waiting, here is chapter 20 of Like a Butterfly. We are recruiting for active typesetters and Korean Translators for this project. Our current Korean translator, Mystic AKA ShiningRegalia is busy with school and she has her own group to manage too. We need a spare partner in crime to help her out~ […]

Like a Butterfly