Like a Butterfly Chapter 17

Thank you for your wait, another chapter of Like a Butterfly has been released! We have 3 more chapters to upload to catch up with our current translations; but we’re only about 11 chapters behind the author! 😀


I do wish you enjoy this chapter and we’re always needing help!


Like a Butterfly Chapter 16

Hello ya’ll! Chapter 16 of Like a butterfly has been released! Honestly, to me… this chapter was a bit boring compare to the others but it has so many life learning things that we, younger generations, need to learn to respect the decisions we make in our lives.


I hope you enjoy this chapter~

Like a Butterfly Chapter 15

The long awaited joint project of Like a Butterfly has been released. This is originally my project under a different groups name. It will still be under that name until I find a full team. That other group was focused on retranslation mostly. But anyways, enjoy the chapter!


When you download, please do not rip, copyright or steal any of the works; all raws go to the rightful owners. I am currently looking for a spare typesetter for this project for faster releases! Please send email for application to


Golden Waltz Chapter 1

FINALLY. I finished chapter 1 after a month of waiting, I unfortunately am the only editor for at least 4-5 of the projects. I do have another quality checker but she’s prioritize on one project only. SO, THANK YOU READERS FOR WAITING!


I got lazy at the last page for cleans :3 shhhhh….

New Website

Hello readers and fellow helpers of BAP Scans!

Thank you for taking your time to look around despite there’s literally nothing to even look around xD ~ I have thought long and hard about whether I wanted to make a website for BAP Scans, I mean I could’ve just used tumblr… But I have not kept track of that in a long time and the tumblr is like legacy of the past. There’s also like codings on tumblr that I had no idea how to remove because it’s not there… LIKE… how is that possible?! So, instead of just letting it die without any news, I created a new website.

I honestly, have no idea what I’m doing, so if you noticed mistakes, please just give me a heads up and I’ll search online or ask support to teach me. 😀

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