Let’s Fight Ghost! – Chapter 63

Hello all, we picked up a new project. We’re looking for a spare Korean Translator to help us out with this project! Not only that, we need an actual whole team to make it faster too. I want this project to be fast-paced. I would need an active proofreader, cleaner, and a typesetter. Cleaners, you’ll […]

Let's Fight Ghost!

Golden Waltz – Chapter 08

Hi guys, I’ve got nothing to say except that I finally released a chapter, yey!! Here yah go and have a pleasant day everyone! Reader Download


Life of a Lily – Chapter 06

Hello reader! Thank you for waiting, here is chapter 6 of Life of a Lily. I am looking for an active cleaner for this particular project! The raws are easy to clean, so there isn’t much of a big major hassle on redrawing! Reader | Download By the way, don’t feel too happy on this […]

Life of a Lily

Cherry Tomato – Chapter 15

Hello everyone! Here is the latest chapter of CT. We will not be releasing any very soon due to lack of translator. The translator that was assigned to this project vanished for months and I haven’t gotten in contact with her in a long time now. I tried everything and it’s been concluded that she […]

Cherry Tomato

My Director – Chapter 01

Hello readers! This is my first time translating this so I am pretty sure all those sex sounds are incorrect XD! But other than that, I hope you enjoy this project! Download | Reader

My Director

Golden Waltz 07

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[DROPPING] Force Field Girl – Chapter 16

Hello all. As the title stated, we are dropping this project. We do not have the team anymore to be able to work on this project anymore. So as a result, this is the last chapter from us for this project. Thank you to all those who has helped us with this project. And I […]

Force Field Girl

Life of a Lily – Chapter 05

Sorry for the way, I’ve been busy with real life stuff. I hope you enjoy this chapter. Please do not judge someone without knowing their problem! Download | Reader

Life of a Lily

Life of a Lily – Chapter 04

… I know… It hasn’t been a day, but I was so bored at home waiting for time to go by for class to almost start. So here’s another chapter of┬áLife of a Lily. I’m almost to Chapter 6, just two more chapters (obviously). The author updates this once every Thursday, so hopefully by then, […]

Life of a Lily

Life of a Lily – Chapter 03

Thank you for another wait. Here is chapter 3 of Life of a Lily. This chapter was kind of boring, it was too normal~ I don’t really have much to say that I am 99% sure that Xu Wan Yi actually liked Le Neng. :/ Download | Reader

Life of a Lily