Mina-Sama no Omocha desu – 16

Sorry for the delay. It took some time for me to catch up with the projects. Don’t worry, nothing is bad happened in this chapter, so don’t be scared looking at this.


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  1. Please translate more. The story is really interesting. I want to see what this boy does. The raws are at 73.

    1. Apologies, our typesetter is away on vacation, just came back so there should be more coming soon.

  2. hey not to be selfish but can you guys publish the translated words on episodes, i dont really know how it works so sorry if i want a thing that cant be done love your work thanks for the episodes so far seviliyorsunuz.

    1. What do you mean by put them in episodes? Episodes is usually used for anime series. Chapters is the word for comic.

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