Mina-Sama no Omocha Desu – 06

Hello my young freaky S&M readers! Here is another chapter of Mina-Sama no Omocha Desu. Yes, I did not drop this, so to all the haters, oh wells! I love this manga so not going to drop something that I adore. ♥ Anyways, this chapter is a bit explicit more than the others. So please be mindful of who is in your room when you read this chapter ^O^

The Mangadex Reader will be available in the next four hours. Download is available now, but you must join our discord in order to retrieve the password to the file.




  1. Ahhhh thank you so much! So glad this isn’t dropped! 🙂 Ignore the haters, let S girls and M boys have some smut every now and again!

    1. Lol, thank lord. There’s someone that doesn’t hate it. ^O^ It was delayed because I was away for 2 months… It’ll be biweekly or I hope… 😀

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