Mina-Sama no Omocha Desu – 06

Hello my young freaky S&M readers! Here is another chapter of Mina-Sama no Omocha Desu. Yes, I did not drop this, so to all the haters, oh wells! I love this manga so not going to drop something that I adore. ♥ Anyways, this chapter is a bit explicit more than the others. So please be mindful of who is in your room when you read this chapter ^O^

The Mangadex Reader will be available in the next four hours. Download is available now, but you must join our discord in order to retrieve the password to the file.



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  1. Ahhhh thank you so much! So glad this isn’t dropped! 🙂 Ignore the haters, let S girls and M boys have some smut every now and again!

    1. Lol, thank lord. There’s someone that doesn’t hate it. ^O^ It was delayed because I was away for 2 months… It’ll be biweekly or I hope… 😀

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