Like a Butterfly – 30

Hello readers~ Sorry for the delay, was very busy with other stuff. We are not accepting anymore help on this project, all position is filled! Due to everyone’s schedule, this will be delay to either once per week or bi-weekly release. Also, please make sure to visit Webtoonlation’s discord if you have the chance to. They helped us on the translation~

The Mangadex reader will be availabe in the next four hours. You can grab the download now. For passwords, you must be in our discord as a reader. Please read the #guidelines for more information on how to get the reader/scanlator role.

P.S. To anyone trying to use our projects as a retranslation request. We are happy to let you do it, but please ask permission first. You’ll never know, maybe another group already taken it. We are not providing any raws, cleans/redraws, and/or translations. Please buy your own raws or cleans.


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