Doll – 19 [Dropping]

We started this project back when Unknown was still with us. When she first joined the team, I asked her if any of the projects that we had/have interested her. None of it was interesting, but she wanted to work on Doll and that’s how that project came into our group’s listing. We started this nearly two years ago and we have yet gone far because During Summer of 2017, Unknown resigned from the team because of personal issues whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. She had to move on. Around that time was when most of the helpers started to quit because most of them love this series but because there wasn’t a translator… They all left and project evidently dies. We had chapters 18 & 19 translated around the same time chapter 17 was released but because I didn’t have anyone to help out, the chapters were delayed for a long period of time. I requested Mystic originally named ShiningRegalia to help us with the rest of this chapter so we can finally drop it. So therefore, this is the last chapter from us. It is not the last chapter of the comic 😛 ~

The MangaDex reader will be available in the next four hours. The Download is available now, but you must be in our Discord to gain the password to the file. Without it, you cannot extract the chapter.


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