Demi Life – 05

Sorry for the long wait, it took me awhile to finally work on this series. Also it’s mainly because there’s not enough helpers to go around with the projects. Even with the joint, it’s stressing everyone out sadly. I hope you enjoy this chapter, it was a bit sad and happy at the same time~

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  1. hey i just wanted to say thanks for sharing this cute manga with us 🙂 i was having a pretty bad anxiety attack earlier so i tried looking for something to read (to calm myself down) and i’m so glad i came across this! really, i appreciate all your team’s hardwork. thank you and more power, bap scans 😀

    1. oh and this is only a suggestion, but have you guys considered uploading demi life on dynasty reader? i’m sure the people there will appreciate your work 🙂

      1. Because we are not affiliated with Dynasty Reader. I’m only uploading it Mangadex because it’s easier for me to get access to the files. Dynasty Reader is a scanlation group and they upload Yuri projects. Whether they appreciate my work has nothing to do with having to upload on other places. If they want to appreciate our work, they can comment here or at least message us. Why upload to another group and have them be recognize for their work?

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