Cherry Tomato – 16

Hello everyone. Thank you for a long long wait. The proofreader and the joint cleaner is finally back on schedule. I am just hoping or wishing that the proofreader doesn’t leave like all the others that left without notice. I mean, I understand if life comes to become way more important; but I mean… a goodbye would be nice. 🙁 We are currently looking for a spare Korean translator and a typesetter.

For this particular chapter, I want to specifically thank Mystic (Translator), Liha (Proofreader), Clever Nickname-sama (Raw Crossing Scans / Joint Cleaner). I would thank myself for the rest but that’s too much 😛

The Mangadex reader will be available in the next four hours. Download is available now, but you must be in our discord in order to retrieve the password to the file.


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