Cavalier of the Abyss – 137

OMG. Finally I finish doing the editing of this chapter. It took me a long time due to how stressful it is to clean and fix the pages. It’s very low quality and it was double spread so that was extra work. We are currently looking for a Korean Translator to work on the upcoming chapter. We do not have translations for 138 at all! So please help us out with it! Give me a comment or email at !!!♥

Mangadex reader will be available in the next four hours. The download is available now, you must be in our discord to retrieve the password to this file. If you don’t know how to retrieve the password after joining the discord, there is a channel called #guidelines. Just go in there and it’ll teach you how to beomce a reader or scanlator to see hidden channels for releases or discussions!


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  1. Thank you, truly. This series is very near and dear to me and to finally finally having the author and artist back on it and a special few people translating it for an English audience is simply a blessing. I pray you will receive who you need to continue translating it and keep up your great work!

    1. Yes, we already got help, our current translator is wokring on chapter 138. She’s doing both translation and typesetting.

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