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Hi guys, I’ve got nothing to say except that I finally released a chapter, yey!! Here yah go and have a pleasant day everyone! Reader Download

OOh thanks for waiting. These past 3 weeks was like hell to me… It’s been so long since I have my rest day.. Have a good day to you guys and here’s the new chapter! Reader Download

Happy Chinese New Year! Even though I’m not chinese, but hey, it’s a non-working holiday here in my country but then again, my profession doesn’t obey holidays so here I am preparing to go to work as I’m posting this Read more…

Thank you for waiting, this comic no longer has a translator. Unknown left us about 3 months ago for unknown reasons that she couldn’t say. But despite that, I still wanted to credit her hard-work for accomplishing every chapter for Read more…

Hello readers and fellow helpers of BAP Scans! Thank you for taking your time to look around despite there’s literally nothing to even look around xD ~ I have thought long and hard about whether I wanted to make a Read more…


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