The Language of God 69 & 70

Greetings!!! This is my last update of this project because we’re dropping it… and my last work because I’m retiring from scanlation. It’s so much fun doing this for a while but we have to let go some things that we like to focus on another important things. This is my goodbye to you guys, enjoy these chapters!

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The Language of God 67 & 68

Oh yeah!! Another chapters are finally here! I’m sooo in a good mood this week because we changed our internet broadband to a faster one, it’s 28 mbps, it is sooo fast for me! it’s like 3 minutes to download an episode of a korean drama hahaah!!! Ok enough of this, here’s the chapters guys!!!

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The Language of God 59 & 60

Hey again! I didn’t post anything last week, I’m sorry…just too busy with life but don’t worry, I’ll try not to do that again… So for this chapters… the guest went for Nan Se but it’s identity is a real shocker, and the monsters are having a tough time because of this Hunter person… how do they deal with him? Find out right now… enjoy!

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The Language of God 57 & 58

I will try to release every week okey?! Yes another 2 chapters for you guys… In this chapters, Some new guy will be joining force with a woman who collects demons for evil purpose. And a guest will come to Nan Se’s house, who could it be?

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The Language of God 50

I resumed for work at my a new animation studio. It’s less stress there and we can even do extra activities after working hours. But enough about me, here’s a new chapter…

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The Language of God 46-49

Hey!! I’m back from the dead! Been busy as hell these past few months, imagine working from monday-sunday and 13hrs a day? But since I finished my last project I’m working with for 1 year, I am now free from work and I have more time scanlating!!! Well not really since I’m just resting for 2 weeks… With no further a do, here’s the chapters!! Enjoy reading!!!

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Language of God 39

Hey! Pashnea19 here and it’s my first time posting so I dunno what to say. Well, our admin gave me permission to post so here I am… It has been exactly 60 days since the last update of this manhwa been released and I’m so sorry for that. The real world is very cruel to me but that’s ok. Thanks for waiting, if there’s any… and if you willing to help us (PLEASE DO), contact us!



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