Cherry Tomato – 18

Hello everyone. Thank you for the long wait. We are actually planning to drop this due to lack of translators and readers seems to not enjoy this series due to low viewers. But I don’t want to just drop it when I still have 2 more chapters from my fellow helpers. Their hardwork shouldn’t be wasted, so I’ll be releasing two more till I drop this.

The Mangadex reader will be available in the next four hours. Download is available now, but you must be in our discord in order to retrieve the password to the file.


Cherry Tomato, Golden Waltz, & Little Chaos Release♥

Hello readers. Thank you for waiting for these three chapter releases. I must inform you some information regarding each project release schedule and recruitment required. So, as you’ve known, Little Chaos already had releases done by B-Minus, I’ve talked to the owner and they will help us on Volume 2. So there will be no problem about anything else. We have to catch up to the end of Volume 1 to start the Joint Project. It would’ve probably been faster if we started on where they left off. But to be honest with ya… We had the translations ready for 5 months but didn’t release due to the fact that I was the only editor at that time, so it was rough. Right now, this project is good to go, team is assemble. Now for Cherry Tomato will be very slow due to lack of Translator to help us and this series is very boring. I only picked it up because it look interesting to me but not for other Korean Translators that tried multiple times to help us on it. If it doesn’t go well, we may have to drop it. Other than that, we are indire need of a Korean Translator & Typesetter for this particular project!!! And finally for Golden Waltz, there isn’t any delay just awaiting for our lovely Mystic (Owner of Mystic Scanlation) to give us some awesome translations. Other than that, we are accepting anyone that still want to help us on this project.

Remember, in order to get the password, you have to join the discord and gain reader role to see the password releases. All you have to do is visit the #role-commands and type ~iam Reader.

Download | Reader – Cherry Tomato
Download | Reader – Golden Waltz
Download | Reader – Little Chaos

Cherry Tomato – 16

Hello everyone. Thank you for a long long wait. The proofreader and the joint cleaner is finally back on schedule. I am just hoping or wishing that the proofreader doesn’t leave like all the others that left without notice. I mean, I understand if life comes to become way more important; but I mean… a goodbye would be nice. 🙁 We are currently looking for a spare Korean translator and a typesetter.

For this particular chapter, I want to specifically thank Mystic (Translator), Liha (Proofreader), Clever Nickname-sama (Raw Crossing Scans / Joint Cleaner). I would thank myself for the rest but that’s too much 😛

The Mangadex reader will be available in the next four hours. Download is available now, but you must be in our discord in order to retrieve the password to the file.

Cherry Tomato – Chapter 15

Hello everyone! Here is the latest chapter of CT. We will not be releasing any very soon due to lack of translator. The translator that was assigned to this project vanished for months and I haven’t gotten in contact with her in a long time now. I tried everything and it’s been concluded that she quit. I thank her for helping us translate this far but it was disappointing when nothing was sent back to us. 🙁 So therefore, we are looking for an active Korean Translator for this project only. You will only be assigned to this project!

Reader | Download

Cherry Tomato C13

Hey ladies and gents! We have finally release a chapter for Cherry Tomato. Yes, I’m finally not lazy :p But no seriously, I guess it’s more like I’m stressed out from real life and this group. But I am not letting you down for this! We are recruiting a Korean Translator for this project. I think Hazel is busy, she hasn’t respond for over a month and a half now.

Reader | Download

Cherry Tomato 11&12

Hello all! Thank you for waiting. Here is the release of chapters 11 and 12 of Cherry Tomato. We are currently hiring typesetters for this project. Come give us a hand, if you could ^^!

Download – 11 & 12
Reader – 11 & 12

Give us a holla, if you want to help out!

Golden Waltz 03

Thank you for your wait. Here is chapter 3 of Golden Waltz and thank you to a fellow reader for joining us to help release faster. Much appreciated! We are still looking for help, especially a typesetter!


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