The Language of God 55 & 56

Hey I’m back with new updates… So in this chapter, their fighting with the Wraith again to save Aram, who will help them? And Nan Se will realized something about Aram, find out on this new chapters.

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The Language of God 51 & 52

Sorry for the long wait coz after I changed company, I never felt so free my entire life that I forgot my scanlation duties. I’ve been doing a lot of stuffs after work but trust me, I’m still working on this bit by bit. And there you have it! Please enjoy!

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The Language of God 50

I resumed for work at my a new animation studio. It’s less stress there and we can even do extra activities after working hours. But enough about me, here’s a new chapter…

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The Language of God 46-49

Hey!! I’m back from the dead! Been busy as hell these past few months, imagine working from monday-sunday and 13hrs a day? But since I finished my last project I’m working with for 1 year, I am now free from work and I have more time scanlating!!! Well not really since I’m just resting for 2 weeks… With no further a do, here’s the chapters!! Enjoy reading!!!

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Golden Waltz 06

Happy Chinese New Year! Even though I’m not chinese, but hey, it’s a non-working holiday here in my country but then again, my profession doesn’t obey holidays so here I am preparing to go to work as I’m posting this release.



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