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Hi guys, I’ve got nothing to say except that I finally released a chapter, yey!! Here yah go and have a pleasant day everyone! Reader Download

OOh thanks for waiting. These past 3 weeks was like hell to me… It’s been so long since I have my rest day.. Have a good day to you guys and here’s the new chapter! Reader Download

Happy Chinese New Year! Even though I’m not chinese, but hey, it’s a non-working holiday here in my country but then again, my profession doesn’t obey holidays so here I am preparing to go to work as I’m posting this Read more…

Wow I made it! Here it is, Christmas release! Since I usually don’t like gatherings and whatnot, I’m just stuck at home, doing something on the internet while others are partyin’. Reader: 41 42 43 44 45 Download: 41 42 43 44 45

Hey!! It’s my birthday!! level 28 baby!!! Well, here it is, thanks for waiting, I might do a mass release for Christmas, (might be). Reader Download

Hey! Pashnea19 here and it’s my first time posting so I dunno what to say. Well, our admin gave me permission to post so here I am… It has been exactly 60 days since the last update of this manhwa Read more…


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