Cavalier of the Abyss – 140

Thank you for waiting. Unfortunately, as much as I want this to be actively releasing. I cannot make it happen. A lot of people on the team are studying or taking exams for college or even just school in general. Majority of them will be available after this month is over. So summer is when we’re hoping this will be faster. We are however still looking for another cleaner/redrawer and typesetter to help us out on this project. There is already a cleaner assigned, but I’d like a back-up that can help myositis out especially another redrawer~♥


Updates on Release + Activity + Projects

Hi my young and wise ones~ We had a vote on discord about whether or not we should keep the download and password and 4 hour thing. Majority of the vote was to remove it because there was no point in it. I mean, only 3 of the project is popular and the rest is just dead or no views at all. So not unless the projects or if the group is big, I have decided to remove password-protected releases and early releases. And since I don’t have a reader page and around June or July the website will go back to being I won’t be able to pay for the website since I don’t have a job anymore and donations aren’t coming in, I mean a few of you did donated for raws but that stopped so yeah thank you to those that did. So from this day forward, the mangadex will not have a delay but I will still post announcement in the discord. You can’t really post information on the upload so it’ll be some information on discord and a whole ass essay on our wordpress dragon_brothers_laughing  So you guys don’t have to wait anymore on those dead-barely-any-views projects 

On regards of our activty, there are times where I’m like super sonic and then there other times where I’m like a freaking snail. The reason is because like everyone else, I have a life and this life has very strict moms, to those people who have strict moms, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I’m also in multiple groups to keep me distracted from whatever is going on with my life. I usually prefer finishing all of those other assignment first before I do this group’s work. Even though, this is my priority, but since I volunteer to help others, I should give them equal love and my work thing. I’ve been receiving a lot of hatred from readers or from random people that don’t even read our releases but still like to talk trash. There are times where they ask things like “why are you guys so slow?” , “You guys have horrible translations/editing/etc.”, “You should go kill yourself for scanlating these horrible manga/manhua/manwha.” and it was hurtful at first but then like… I don’t understand why they would say those things when I see a bunch of things on their page saying they love this and that, and it was much much worse than what we do here. I just ignored them most of the time because it’s not worth my time.

We picked up a couple of new projects due to our translators do not want to work on projects that another translator was working on or is working on. They wanted their own project, so therefore, we had to pick up new projects. As for whether or not it’ll be sniped due to my activity is something I cannot handle. It’ll be based on how well things goes~ So please be patient when things aren’t going as fast.

Barbershop Quartet – 1

Hello BL lovers♥ Here’s another chapter of Barbershop Quartet. I hope you enjoy another release and please any redrawers willing to help the translator would be nice~

Image result for anime gif yaoi

The Mangadex reader will be available in the next four hours. You can download the chapter now, but you must be in our discord to retrieve the password to extract the files.

Mayabi – 27

Ayoh maties~ thank you for waiting for another chapter of Mayabi. We have 3 more chapters to go and we’ll finally be free from this project ♥ Thank for waiting on this forever and never a full complete series, since author does not want to continue it anymore~

Image result for anime gif laugh

The Mangadex reader will be available in the next four hours. You can download the chapter now, but you must be in our discord to retrieve the password to extract the files.

Let’s Fight Ghost – Chapter 72

Hello readers! Thank you for waiting, here is another chapter of Let’s Fight Ghost. It tooks us awhile since we still lacking KTL so we’re just releasing it slowly. Also, I had to redo the cleans because alexthetrex did so horrible on the cleans that I had to redo it myself. We are still looking for a Korean Translator and Redrawers for this project~

The Mangadex reader will be available in the next 4 hours. Download is available now but remember to join our discord to retrieve the password to the file~ Please also join Renascence Scans’ discord since they’ve helped us on the editing part (clean/typeset).


Cherry Tomato – 18

Hello everyone. Thank you for the long wait. We are actually planning to drop this due to lack of translators and readers seems to not enjoy this series due to low viewers. But I don’t want to just drop it when I still have 2 more chapters from my fellow helpers. Their hardwork shouldn’t be wasted, so I’ll be releasing two more till I drop this.

The Mangadex reader will be available in the next four hours. Download is available now, but you must be in our discord in order to retrieve the password to the file.

A Barbershop Quartet – Chapter 0

Sorry for no post for the past days and for the release with anniversary releases. We didn’t think its neccessary to post it since those had no password protection files because it was not delay. So since we’re re-adding delay releases, these are all protected files. Here is an introduction of a new BL series that we picked up. A Barbershop Quartet prologue chapter. There will be more since most of the work is done by the translator, so uh i forgot the word coodles? goodies? IDK O_O But yeah

The Mangadex release will be out in another four hours. The download is currently available. Please visit our discord for the password to the file. Make sure to read the guidelines channel for instructions.

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