Ashita wa Doyoubi – 38 & 39 + Small Update

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Thank you for waiting of another friendship manga of Ashita wa Doyoubi~ This will cover chapters 38 & 39. You must visit the discord for the password to the file~ I do not wish to repeat myself on how to do this, but if you do need help, please let me know~ All download links will be archived in our forums~ (It’s still being fixed since the forum isn’t compatible with certain web themes) Thank you Renascence Scans for helping us on the edits (cleans/typeset)♥


Small Update
We will have an official joint reader page with Renascence Scans. All of our releases will also be posted over there as well. You can choose either to read them at MangaDex or at RenaScans reader page. The only difference will be that it’ll consists of multiple other projects from their group and ours.


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