Here is our list of staff members and former staff members that helped us through out the year.
There may be missing information from the years before the time I joined, so if I’m missing you, I truly apologize.

 Name: Sally
 Nickname: NibbPower, Shally, duckyy, miku, Bae (The Poop Lord) 
 Position: Owner, Quality Checker, Chinese Translator
 Favorite Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Yuri, Yaoi, Shoujo-Ai, and Shounen-Ai.
 Favorite Anime: I have tons actually, but I most love Full Moon wo Sagashite or anything musical and bad-ass.
 Favorite Comic: Love so Life, Dengeki Daisy, or any similarity to it.
 Birth Date: December 26th
 Description of yourself: I am a bitchy person but I won't know until I re-read my own mistakes. I work 6 days a week while attending school 4 days a week. I am hoping to leave work as soon as I can. Because I'm stressing myself really extremely bad. I love art and gaming. I can't draw for crap, I can sketch (anyone can too). I joined the scanlation world around 2011 ... I think. The first group I joined was Transcendence but they're not as great as they were in the past. I learned about manga at the age of 7 but it was a sad sight for me because at that age, I learned about hentai. How I got a hold of it was because of my older brother and his girlfriend.... I'm not a native from China but I learn a few tricks here and there. 
 Picture (200x200 pixels): 
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 Name: jun
 Nickname: trash
 Position: editor
 Favorite Genre: shounen/action
 Favorite Anime: Boku no pico berserk
 Favorite Comic: captain planet lol
 Birth Date: July 8th
 Description of yourself: the final dungeon boss
 Picture (200x200 pixels):
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List is still being updated // Extreme outdated // Visit discord for accurate update~ 2/19/18.


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