About Us

So on April 18,2013 I (Lily) founded BAP Scans. I had no clue what I was doing and just winged it! We were pretty successful but I slowly grew distant until I just completely withdrew my self from the group. I put Mango25 in charge and form there she worked her butt of to give out releases and I still can’t thank her more then enough for pulling through for BAP…she was a really important member that I don’t think got enough credit for the amount of work she actually put in! Anyways, Gem later on got too stressed out as our releases were becoming popular and people became more demanding, so she also withdrew her self from the group. She passed on the leadership to Midorimo who was overwhelmed at being in charge all of a sudden that she passed it onto MangaCow who was also helping us at the time! After this point, is where there are 2 sides to this story so you can believe which one you choose to. One side says that Mangacow just shut everything down and that was that and the other side says that everything was already falling apart and that it just didn’t feel like a group anymore. So, BAP died then. A couple of days ago, I had an epiphany. Why don’t I bring back BAP Scans again? And so here I am, I teamed up with my good scanlation friend Bread (co admin) and now we are back and better than ever. We sincerely hope that you guys enjoy our group’s scanlations…until next time!

p.s. if you read through the whole thing…you the real mvp!

The Founder, Lily, resigned from her ownership on May 2017 due to pursuing her desired dream job/career/life. Ownership was handed down to NibbPower, I, and I have been as an assistant since around June 2016 till the day Lily resigned. Being owner is a bit tough considering I also own another scan but we prioritize on retranslation on that other group. I honestly, don’t know what to say except, I truly wish we rise back up again. People come and go.

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