Happy Anniversary BAP Scans [Part 4]


Hello all. Please enjoy our few releases. This is the heaviest upload/release I’d ever done for this group for just one day. Honestly, some are way more behind due to lack of translators but other than that, its better than nothing, right? We are looking for joints on these two projects: ‘Like a Butterfly’ and ‘Cherry Tomato’ (I do not wish to drop this, so I’m hoping to find helping hands D: ) We’re also looking for Japanese Translator for Chapters 11 & 12 of Sensei wa ore no Mono. All chapters after 13 for that project is in Chinese… I think I can do those but I need the previous two first D:

Life of a Lily
Chapter 12: Reader | Download
Chapter 13: Reader | Download

Chapter 1: Reader | Download

Sensei wa ore no Mono
Chapter 13: Reader | Download

6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary BAP Scans [Part 4]”

  1. jinjin says:

    Here’s all 3 volumes in raws.

    1. bapscans says:

      Thank you for sharing the raws.

      1. jinjin says:

        Forgot to mention, they should all be in Japanese.

      2. bapscans says:

        Thanks. This will help me a lot. I had only Chinese raws 🙂

  2. Lpb says:

    I’m quite enjoying Life of a lily, thanks for translating it! 🙂

    1. bapscans says:

      You’re welcome! Sadly there won’t be any updates for awhile. The author is busy 🙁

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