Happy Anniversary BAP Scans~ [Part 1]

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I wish everyone a lovely month, honestly. This month is BAP’s 5th birthday, unfortunately, we won’t be doing how others do those “happy anniversary” notes. I’ll just do this on the behalf of the team. I know they wanted to say something, unfortunately, our timing is not balanced. šŸ™ We truly wish for your help, if that’s possible. We’ve dropped a lot of projects due to people losing interest. Other than that, this year has been hectic but wonderful at the same time…

I hope you guys enjoy part 1 of the release! Life of a Lily – Chapters 8 & 9. You can find the download link for both of these chapters: Here & Here. While for the reader, which we don’t have the money for, can be read online for free over at MangaDex: 8 & 9.

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