Life of a Lily – 07


Thank you for waiting, here is another disgusting chapter. You’ll understand what I mean when you read the chapter. I was disappointed in seeing what kind of person that person turned out to be. Do you support LGBQ? Are you one of them? Do you dislike being part of it or knowing someone is one?

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2 thoughts on “Life of a Lily – 07”

  1. redpanther says:

    This chapter is more of depressing than disgusting. About the questions I’m more than fine with LGBQ/LGBT and I really detest this guy below.
    He’s 1/2 Chinese who made 1/4 Chinese blood in my veins boil hotter than magma.Truly despicable.

  2. Noble says:

    I curious, if she was a bully before this or after. It seems at this point and time she looks really weak. So maybe this turned her into a bully ? While I just raed 1-5. I been holding onto the thought during it, maybe she was raped? If she wasnt sleeping around like the rumors say. As sad as that sounds, so its probably best she was sleeping around for her sake *shrugs*. But for now, have to see where these last two chapters are leading. Thank you for translating, giving us something to read ^_~

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