Let’s Fight Ghost! – Chapter 63

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Hello all, we picked up a new project. We’re looking for a spare Korean Translator to help us out with this project! Not only that, we need an actual whole team to make it faster too. I want this project to be fast-paced. I would need an active proofreader, cleaner, and a typesetter. Cleaners, you’ll need to know how to redraw because this project requires a lot of it. It’s very easy though, just use pen tool 😀

We are taking in consideration of the fonts suggestion. I was unsure of what font to use for this project, so if you have any suggestion, please message me some samples! (: Unfortunately, we will not be posting this on mangadex or any manga sites because this is only for fan services usage. Although it says, you can get first hand on mangadex, I just found out, we cannot upload them. So they’ll stay on our website instead (:


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