♥Our Groups’ Release Changes♥

Hello everyone~ I would like to announce some changes with our releases. Everything will still be under the #release channel and you are required to have either of these roles to gain access to it: Reader, Scanlator, or Staff. You can easily gain the Reader role under the #role-commands and typing ~iam Reader. For Scanlator role is a bit different, you have to message me or ping me which group you’re from and what is your position so I can confirm.

Moving on, so all the information of having password is the same and waiting on Mangadex for four hours will be the same as well. The only difference now is that you will be pinged of the series you’ll be receiving. So here is the list of the roles we have:
From this list, all you have to do is follow-up the reaction under the Reaction Role bot. So afterwards, you’ll be given the role, you can check your name to see if you received the role. So thereafter, in the #release channel, we will from then on be pinging the role of the chapter being released. For example (pretend):

@Cherry Tomato Hiii, here’s a new chapter~ The password is [insert password]. I hope you enjoy the chapter [insert link of download] and wait 4 hours on mangadex [insert mangadex link]

So whomever has the Cherry Tomato role will be pinged as a notification. If you do not want the role, just simply unreact to the emoji and it should remove you off~


LAST BUT NOT LEAST, join our discord –


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